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Although the i - Pod Nano will be the only i - Pod player that also includes an FM tuner, you can listen to i - Tunes Radio on your itunes login page own i - Pod Touch with the Remote application. One from the neatest top features of Apple's i - Tunes media player is its playlist functionality. How Can I Install i - Tunes on My Windows XP Computer. Apple i - Tunes is really a digital media player that you can use to download and play audio, video, podcast and tv programs. Despite as an Apple product, there is really a version that works well on Microsoft Windows computers. To highlight multiple songs being deleted simultaneously hold along the “Ctrl” key over a PC or “Command” key on a Mac and click on additional songs inside your library. Under "Sound recording" click on the "Volume" button. Removing duplicate songs from i - Tunes won't take more than a few moments of one's time.